Saturday, September 23, 2006

Felting and Swatching

I was super crafty this morning. Probably because the weather was a bit dreary, which was perfect for staying inside. First, some felting:

As you can see, there was an imposter ball of non-felting gray yarn in my stash... So unfortunately, two of my bags didn't felt, but I did add three more finished bags to my pile. My goal is to make about 30 bags for a craft fair that's happening in November. Right now I'm at 11 minus the 2 duds, so that's 9... 21 to go!

I also did some swatching this morning for a present I'm working on. I can reveal much about the present, but I'm happy with the swatches!

Can you guess what the brown and blue is supposed to be?!?! I made up the pattern, so I'm hoping the design is clear.

Now back to grading papers...

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