Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Soundtrack

I can't get enough of today's song. It's a fun song to bop along to, particularly while sitting out on my parents' deck, drinking my morning coffee, and watching spring arrive. --- I've had it on repeat all morning.

My favorite lines:
3. "buy our parents homes in the south of france"
2. "give everybody nice sweaters and teach them how to dance" When I hear that all I think is "I'll give everybody nice sweaters if you teach me how to dance"
and drum roll...
1. "put the lonesome on the shelf" what a fun image

And if the live version was hard to hear, here's the version on her album. I bought this last Tuesday, and it's already shot up to one of the most played songs in my itunes. enjoy*

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Foliage {rocks}

We had a couple of sunny days to get out and enjoy the spring foliage::

While I was on a walk last Thursday I came across a great section of sidewalk. It was filled with imprints from last fall's foliage::

And, thanks to my mom, or DB, I'm now decorated with some Winter Foliage year round::It was tough to get a picture without reflections on the glass, but I think you get the idea. It's a beautiful pin, and I've already received quite a few compliments while wearing it. It's from this etsy seller.

I have a new scarf that I finished, I was going to save it as a gift for someone, but now it looks so great with this pin, that I might keep it... or I could purchase another pin and gift it as a set, hmmm.

And finally, I mentioned rocks in the title, so here you go::A beautiful rock necklace that I bought at a craft fair in Cambridge. Unfortunately I didn't get the seller's card, so I have no details. But yes, it rocks.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Soundtrack

I love this song. I drove from Philly to Tennessee and listened to this on repeat a ba-jillion times. That was around this time a few years ago, and ever since, I think of it when I'm driving with the windows down. The video's pretty fun too, enjoy::

Thursday, April 16, 2009

evening knitting

It's Friday! And I have a standing knitting date with a local friend. Tonight, while throwing back some G&Ts, I'll be working on Vivian::
The cables are coming along nicely with the guidance of some beautiful stitch markers made by Flossie! *thanks!* These are perfect; the different colored beads are helping me to keep track of the different cables.

There's a chance that I'll experience quite a few cool evenings this summer. C and I are working on plans for another trip meandering from the east coast to the west {hitch-hiking family members are welcome!}. Last summer we hit snow in June, and the summer before we experienced one of the chilliest seasons in Berkeley. What did G.W. say about fooling me twice?... so I'm entering this summer prepared with a new, cozy sweater.

But, more immediate, my goal for the evening? To not let the G&Ts jumble my cables.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Knitting:: The Resurrection

I'm so happy to share this little knit.

I knit Calorimetry at least a year ago, thinking it'd be an awesome ear warmer for myself. I finished it all except for the button and as soon as I wrapped it around my head, I knew it wasn't going to look good with my short hair. So it sat unfinished in the bottom of my knitting basket, which was sad because it's made out of the truly awesome Berroco Jasper yarn - so soft with a great combination of stripes.

As luck would have it I rediscovered Calorimetry and it found the perfect home on the top of my sister's noggin::

The button never was added, but she finished it with a ribbon, adding some nice flexibility to the sizing. *perfection*

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Soundtrack

WBUR in Boston used to play Weekend America, before the show was canceled. When I found out, I was totally bummed. Weekend America was a completely awesome mix of stories and news - filled with little tidbits of info about what was happening in different cities and towns that particular weekend. It also had this little segment called Weekend Soundtrack ~ people would call in with a song that they thought represented their weekend and they would talk for a minute or two about what the song meant to them. It was a small part of the show, but I really liked it, and it would remind me to get a little bit of music into my week between the hours listening to all of the talk shows on NPR.

Here's my Monday Soundtrack :: Long Monday by John Prine I think the studio version on the CD is better, but I couldn't find that on youtube...and I love that the lady with the twang in her voice sings along for two words in the middle of the video. I just discovered John Prine this year, and I really like his voice. This song's on my MP3 player {thanks Jeff!}, and I honestly listen to it every Monday, sometimes putting it on repeat. For me there's comfort in someone else saying that Monday's going to be long, and the love story makes me smile* (even more than the rhyming of chablis with honeybee).

But summer's just around the corner,so I'm sure my Mondays will be more relaxed... maybe even like this::... it's so tempting to stay home from school tomorrow with scissors and paper... but I can't let Mr. Prine down.

I hope you're all having a long, but happy Monday*

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Philly, it's in the details

Last weekend was a big one. C came to town, we drove to Philly, visited the growing Schwartz clan, celebrated my brother's graduation, and enjoyed the details of the city.

:Liberty Towers:


:Graduate & Pop:


:February Lady Sweater:

:Parc: ::A great new restaurant facing Rittenhouse Square in Philly. If you're there on a sunny day, stop by for a table outside. You can watch people play in the park while sipping a yummy drinking and snacking on mussels and fries. yum.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A little lamb, dressed in wool

I'm hoping that the following picture* makes up for the complete lack of content around here!

Are you still reading? Probably not, you're probably drooling over the baby goodness that is little Madeline {there's a line over that i} Schwartz. She's modeling the Trellis I knit in anticipation of her arrival. I don't think that any of my knits have ever looked so good, so it looks like I'll be sending everything to Maddie for the modeling.

I posted details about the sweater here. I knit the pattern to be a newborn size; the smallest listed was 6 months. Seeing the picture, I let out a sigh of relief knowing that (1) it's not too small yet, and (2) that it's not too big - I would rather it fit her now while the weather's cooler and not in a couple of months when it's too warm for wool!

*Complete credit for the photo and the model goes to Nik.