Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dear Friends and Family,

No, it's not snowing in Boston. It's raining.

It's been raining for days. While I enjoy your emails, texts, and phone calls, both asking about the weather here and telling me about your piles of snow, I'm a bit jealous. I stopped checking the weather weeks ago, what's the point? But you had me intrigued; maybe we'd get some snow! So I looked:And I highlighted a few key points. Rain, and more rain. I didn't even scroll down the screen, so I don't know where the record 30 inches of snow will fall, but I assure you, it's not falling here.

Let me introduce you to the Pacific Northwest of the East::

So what's a knitter to do? Embrace the gray and surround myself with it::
It's the famous Owl sweater by Kate Davies of Needled. I wanted a sweatshirt type sweater, something I could throw on anytime and immediately be cozy. This was the perfect choice. My only modifications were to move the waist shaping to the sides, and I added a few more short rows to bring the back of the neck up higher. Yarn was Lamb's Wool Bulky using size 10 and 10.5 needles.

I didn't include the button eyes. I like seeing them on other sweaters, but I knew that having the buttons all around would take away from the cozy-ness I craved. Although, after I received a package full of fantastic vintage buttons from Seraphina Firenze, I knew that I'd have to include at least one pair of owl eyes, but which to ones? any preferences?

Bonus shot with the fun yarn charm I received for Christmas::

The owl sweaters are too awesome to just be knit once, and mine was actually the second one I made. The first was for this little lady::

I made it for her first birthday and gave it to her just a wee bit early so it'd get some extra wear before the season ends. This is Kate's Owlet pattern. I knit the baby size 5, with Lion Brand Woolease.

Check out the book in this next photo, you know her mama's raising some girls with good taste. And it's becoming a trend ~ the Schwartz girls come for a visit and we're lucky enough to capture another family portrait::

Well, that's the news, rain and owls. They go exceptionally well together*

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Soundtrack Wednesday

First the music : The Littlest Birds by The Be Good Tanyas

This is the first song on their first album and we had the whole thing on repeat all week long. It's a good thing that C likes to press repeat as much as I do, it's also a good thing that we can't wear out an mp3 that way. We spent a lot of time inside puttering around the apartment, watching paint dry and bones heal ~ I even found some documentation when I uploaded the pictures this morning ::
A few more things :
~ I think I always have the ramblin' blues. I love the airport like no one else I know. love it. I just returned to Boston and watching this video made me watch to hop on the next plane south.
~ I have to start practicing my violin more.
~ My valentines included a few little birds ::

This was my first adventure back into the world of linoleum block printing. I still have a few kinks to work out, but am already excited to start my second block!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week of Winter Foliage { winter greens }

Eek, someone dropped the ball over here!

Finally, the last winter foliage installment, and just in time for a week of milder temps. So if you haven't ventured out in a while, this might be the time to take a walk and enjoy the foliage!

{Winter Greens}
The circles of lichen were so brilliant the day I was out. More brilliant than the photos can capture, but still worth a shot.

Then there was all of this happy moss:: So so lush. And it wasn't until I was snapping away that I noticed the awesome tree in the background of these photos. It might be my favorite image from the whole series.

And, finally, complimenting the green is a touch of red::

Tomorrow, some new music, following by a weekend of wool-y goodness. stay tuned*

Week of Winter Foliage { cattails }

~ A haiku ~

The field of cattails
is overflowing with seeds
this one got away.

Tomorrow's foliage { winter greens }

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Week of Winter Foliage { roses }

I finished a sweater last night, just in time for the big storm. I also found another use for my fingerless gloves this morning... but I'll save all the knitting for the weekend. On with the winter foliage!

{ roses }

Tomorrow's winter foliage { cattails }

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Week of Winter Foliage { flowers }

I found it, the perfect cure for anyone suffering from the mid-winter blues!

Last Saturday, as the East Coast was pummeled by snow, I spent some time taking in the winter foliage. It was a good little reminder to slow down and enjoy the season... and always a nice reminder of the Vermont hike & company many years ago that put the Winter Foliage spark in my head.

Here's the fist installation from my Saturday adventure. enjoy*


Flower? seed pods? you be the judge::

And even the evergreens have some flowers to share::

If that didn't work, head over to Seraphina Firenze for some orange flavored vodka that will warm you up in no time.

Tomorrow's foliage:: { roses }

p.s. Boston didn't get a lick of snow, but we're enjoying every arctic cold front that old man winter blows our way. not awesome.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Wednesday Soundtrack

Just under the wire, a little treat for you! I'm spending my days in front of the computer ~ looking at US car data from 1984-2008, so today's song is particularly appropriate... sort of.

It's a combo favorites ~ Patty Griffin singing Bruce. enjoy*