Wednesday, May 06, 2009

scratched an itch

After weeks of cables, seed stitch, and the continued sweater knitting, I had an itch for a quick and easy stockinette project. On Monday I cast on for the Felicity Hat, and it kept my head warm all day today!

A hat in spring? Yes. I'm still preparing for more chilly nights and even a few bone-chilling, wind blowing days this summer. I'm a boyscout like that - all prepared and ready for the challenge.

So a hat it is, but I think this is a perfect "summer" hat - it's rather loosely knit, and it doesn't hug your head, so I think it'll allow for some air circulation... I'll report back in mid-July.

Felicity pattern found here.
Needles - US 5 & 7
Yarn - Classic Elite Inca Alpaca
Modifications - Cast on 90 stitches rather than 70, and adjusted the pattern accordingly

now... if only I had the itch to grade and pack up for the summer.

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the Lady said...

Ah, the exact opposite of what I've got the urge for! Too much stockinette for me lately, and that's rare! What are you going to be doing this Summer? Good luck getting it done!