Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Seriously busy on this end, but nothing to complain about. This is yet another post that'll make you believe I've given up on all thing crafty, but never fear, I'm coming back with a vengence.

Instead, I give you some great {sunny*} pictures from a little while back.

First, a little behind the scenes information. I'm building a photo collection of plants "taking back" their neighborhoods. Here's an example::

While in the sun, we spent some time climbing ropes::
And playing in the garden {this is an onion blooming... a blooming onion!}::

We ate some sugar at the amusement park::
Followed by burgers at Coney::

There was even picnic with a sun flare. Oh my.

*Not to let you believe it's been all sunshine around here, I give you the rain in Boston::

And a spiderweb full of watery jewels::

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