Thursday, August 27, 2009

Holy Cannoli

This post is the definition of hodgepodge.

I was about to move on from the beach pictures, but I plugged in my camera and found a few more worth sharing!


The hazy sunset from our last day at on the beach::

After the beach, I was home for a day. This summer seems to be flying by, but in the moments when I run into a summer fur ball::

... or sit down to a meal of fresh-from-the-garden veggies:: I remember that summer's still here for a little while!

Sometime in July I finished my adult pinwheel sweater, but I never blocked it, so I took it to the beach with me, with high hopes of blocking. That didn't happen, so I stuffed it into my luggage and brought it west. All it took were a couple of cool, Bay Area evenings to motivate the blocking, and I'm so happy with the finished product... this picture isn't great, but I'll take some good ones soon::

And what's that behind me? Our new digs in Oakland! C moved to Jack London Square, a fine, up-and-coming neighborhood that's full of character. The neighborhood has old, abandoned factories that are being turned into lofts and condos. Here's the only picture I have at the moment, but we'll spruce this place up and I'll take some more soon!

As for today? I'm off to San Fran to meet up with a friend at Samovar, followed by a stop at the Curiosity Shoppe!


the Lady said...

We are as ships in the night! How long are you going to be in Oakland?

Nicole said...

i love the new crib! Very sweet score. No wonder he jumped at it!

We're missing both you and Mr. C. A whole. whole. lot.

mames said...

oooh, corn and bacon. that made my stomah growl. and the pinwheel is so beautiful. inspiring. so, does this mean you are west coast now? or still hopping back and forth? i am always confused as to your location, which is not necessarily a bad thing.