Monday, March 01, 2010

Knittin' Kitchen

Today's post ~ details from the kitchen with a bit of knitting on the side.

I recently discovered the blog Smitten Kitchen, and yes, I'm smitten. It started with her Swiss Chard and Sweet Potato Gratin. I've made it twice and it's slated for another go this weekend. Then I moved on to her Walnut Cake.
I nixed the jam and instead added a thin layer of lemon curd and some whipped cream from the can {um, I love it from the can}.

Now a note from the Knittin' Kitchen :: I drink a lot of my hot drinks out of jars {ball jars, peanut butter jars, pickle jars, anything that's glass}. Here's a pb jar holding my tea::My roommates and I clean and keep all of our jars from food. Beyond drinking, they're great for food storage and packing lunches. Sure you have to be a bit more careful when transporting, but the alternative is plastic, and shouldn't we be a bit more careful with the environment?

I've found two problems with the jars and hot liquids: (1) ouch, it's hot, and (2) they don't seem to stay as warm as ceramic mugs. I haven't tested #2, so it may be all in my head.

Anywho I found the perfect solution and a use for all of my unworn fingerless mitts!::

This pair fits particularly well, I just slip it over the jar, and ta-da! It's insulated and easy to pick up. And just that much more fun to drink out of. It may look like the wool is too close to your mouth, but it doesn't get in the way at all, and I can still put the lid on if I have to walk out the door with my coffee {I know we have insulated coffee mugs for travel, but with the jars, it's much easier to find a lid/jar combo!}.

And one last peak into our kitchen. Check out this spoon:: Can you read it? It says "Department of Mental Health". Sometimes it creeps me out.

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mames said...

love SK, the walnut cake is on the list but i have to sub almonds as i am violently allergic to walnuts. and what a great idea for the jars. we tend to use mason jars here, partial to the name, you know? :)