Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Painted Door

Well it's Tuesday evening, so I'm more than fashionably to the Pinterest Challenge party, but so excited to join! Don't know about the challenge? Or Pinterest?

Pinterest is a fun, still new-to-me site, that allows you to "pin" inspiration photos that you find around the web. You can also follow other pinterest users, getting inspiration from their boards. The Pinterest Challenge is the brainchild of Katie from Bower Power, Sherry from Young House Love, with co-hosts Emily Henderson and Lana from Making a House a Home. Realizing that many of us pin a million and one inspiration ideas, but never get around to acting on them, they posed a challenge ~ to complete one project from our Pinterest board by today and share it.

Quick confession ~ without a TV, I'm usually a step behind when it comes to new shows, DIY superstars, etc. So until this challenge, I didn't know who Emily Henderson was. All that was corrected over the weekend with a few marathon sessions of Secrets From a Stylist, and now I can't get enough.

Here are my Pinterest Boards, and the project I took on this week was inspired by... this!

I really wanted to paint the door, and was looking for a nice, deep teal color. Everything about this house is beige/white, so I'm looking for ways to add in pops of color, and this white door was a great place to start::

In addition to the blah, white color, it had this crazy hook stuck to it at an angle::

So, step number one was to remove the hook, and give the door a light sanding to even out some bumps.

I had pinned that picture as I was thinking about door colors. At the same time I was thinking about my desire for a chalkboard wall in the craft room, and that's when I found Rust-Oleum's tinted chalkboard paint! I loved the idea of painting the door with chalkboard paint ~ now we can leave fun messages for each other for the way in and the way out.

I also loved the paint because it completely eliminated the anxiety of choosing amount the zillions of colors out there. They really nailed this color on the head, but now I'm having trouble deciding exactly what color I want to use in the craft room... In economics, a common assumption is that an individual's utility increases with the number of choices available. For many people this may be true, but I've always argued that past a certain point too much variety can be paralyzing. That's me standing in the paint aisle for hours.


Mina said...

Its looks amazing and really cool with the notes. we could use that too! :)

lynn said...

I just love the idea of notes on the door! This is very cool!

Nicole said...

And I'm more than giggly with excitement that my fairy door was repinned and made it to your actual To Do list!