Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Alex's Quilts {Part 1}

While his grandma requested an "all Alex all the time" blog, and while I take about a dozen photos of him per day, I'm going to show some restraint and just sprinkle him in among or regular posts. For example, your Alex shot of the day ::

He's laying on the amazing transportation quilt my mom made for him. Just like Monday's cradle post, I'm sure my photos aren't doing this quilt justice {and don't let my mom try to point out the silly flaws she may see}. Each of the nine squares shows a different vehicle {Little A is covering a tractor, submarine, sailboat, and school bus}. I think my favorite is the tractor ::

How perfect are the fabric choices for that square? From the batiked tractor body to the paisley field to the smiling sun.

I really love the little details in each square. Check out the mustache and bow tie on the cyclist below and the little yellow fish with big red lips swimming with the sub.

And yes, there are more awesome quilts to come!

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Lynn said...

That Quilt! That Cradle! What an amazingly creative family you have! Alex is just as cute as a button!