Saturday, August 25, 2007

Old is New

My prize purchase of the day!::

After breakfast and reading the early edition Sunday paper (we can't wait until tomorrow to get the real Sunday paper!), C and I went out this morning to do some quick furniture shopping.

We found a couple of amazing things ~ he's going to purchase a Japanese bed for his room. These usually come with woven mats where the mattress would be, but we can order it without the mats and he'll have a sleek, beautiful bed frame. We stopped by Ikea to look at a few things, but all we left with were a couple of hot dogs and some jars of pickled herring! On our way home from Ikea we saw a sign for an estate sale and we decided to check it out. We walked away with three old and beautiful oak chairs for his kitchen table and I bought the old table pictured above. The base is cast iron from an old foot powered sewing machine and the top is a piece of marble. I'm so excited about this table and wish I could take it back to Boston with me!! Unfortunately, I think it's going to have to spend the year in Berkeley while I scheme up ways to move it east. Now... all I need is an old card catalog and my furniture dreams will be complete*

Ooh ~ and I added ears to the lamb washcloth!**Note ~ if anyone would like the pattern details for the lamb washcloth, I'd be happy to post them!


mom said...

lamblookscute...try black ears too.
love the table...checkout college surplus stores...Penn State has one on their campus, saw a card catalogue there but it was already spoken for...I don't think Penn State is the only college that has a used surplus store.

the Lady said...

love your table, totally jealous:-). cute lamby, looks like it'll go quite nicely with your lion.

rachilizi said...

i love the little lamb washcloth!!! Where can I find the pattern so I can knit up my own army of lambs?? THANKS!!! =)

fiyonk said...

How cute! How can i take the lamb washcloth pattern?