Thursday, August 09, 2007

Out and About

Just an update on what I see when I turn my eyes away from the computer~~

~Click on the fly picture to see some great detail ~ including the hairs on the fly's back!!

*note - the bright light in this picture is just the sunlight shining through ~ no special effects or flash.
**This is the second time I've come across this deer gang. They hang out in the Berkeley hills where we park our car. Today they surprised me from behind. I was walking down the hill and wondering why the car (the green one behind the deer) was going so slow, I turned my head and came face to face with these guys tiptoeing behind me!

1 comment:

mames said...

i like the 'deer gang' phrase. we ride up in the foothills behind our house and my husband was once stalked by a huge 'gang o' deer'. they were so well camo'd it took him forever to notice that there were over a dozen watching him as he took a water break. ahh, nature. the pictures are lovely. what camera are you using?