Friday, December 21, 2007

Guest Crafter ~ My Mom

{Hi Mom!!}

Since I can't post any more projects until they are given for Christmas, I thought we'd mix things up a bit. My mom is an amazing crafter ~ we always go to her with our crafting questions, when we need ideas, or when we need supplies. I leaned on her a lot for the sewing projects {soon to be revealed} that I worked on this Christmas.

Since it's Christmas, I thought the perfect feature craft would be our Christmas stockings... hung by the butcher block with care!

She made them by cross-stitching the designs onto burlap. All of the cross-stitch is done with cotton yarn. The stockings are lined and backed with quilted christmas fabrics. You'll notice that each stocking has a different Christmas design {santa, tree, snowman...} and word {joy, hope...}. Along with each person's name, they also have the year we were born.

These stockings are large ~ so the bottoms are usually filled with some oranges and nuts and then topped off with some of the stocking basics {shampoos, lotions, other fun stuff}. If you have any questions, I'm sure my mom would be happy to answer them. Mom ~ thanks for sharing, hope you enjoyed the surprise!

Now, back to your previously scheduled, pre-Christmas frantic shopping and crafting. I hope your final gifts are made and wrapped before the big day and that you have a very merry Christmas!

I'm off on a Christmas road trip with C. We're heading to Colorado to visit his family, then up to Wyoming, then back to California!

I'll leave you with the sunset from my plane window::


Nicole said...

Ann is my crafting hero (Who needs E. Zimmerman, Lotta Jansdoter or Martha Stewart??). I've learned so much about handmade crafts through the years. She not only crafts beautiful items but they're all made with great heart and the deepest thoughts.

My most treasured childhood memories include something that was crafted by one of, but most often both, of our mothers. Yes, some were embarrassing to show photos of later in life but all bring that warm fuzzy feeling to my belly.

Thanks Ann for years of laughs and trunks full of ideas...not to mention the endless crafty ideas that I'll use to produce items sure to scar my own children in the years to come!

Anonymous said...

It is a mother's responsibility to help create those moments that will be remembered at every holiday, social gathering of friends/relatives and lastly bring laughter, tears and pee-pants to everyone. Knowing that I have left my mark will allow me to leave this earth in peace, but not until I am able to produce some more of those moments and spread my craziness.

the Lady said...

Lovely sunset. Those stockings are neat. I've been getting inspired by all of the handmade ones popping up in the blogosphere. Might have to make some myself for next year.