Monday, December 17, 2007

More Christmas Crafting

It's been an eventful week, filled with dodging the storms, crafting, and finishing the semester.

I've been working on a variety of crafty projects, learning many new skills and practicing some old ones.

Some friends received (or will receive), little packages of homemade apple butter and mini loaves of oatmeal bread::I planned ahead and made the apple butter while I was home for Thanksgiving. In the past I've used a big electric roaster to cook down the apples and cider, this time I used a counter-top frying pan. The frying pan worked really well, but there was more of a chance for burning that didn't exist with the roaster (I think because of the water layer that's between the roasting pan and heating unit).

This was my first time canning{new skill!} and it was easy as pie! I'm hoping the apple butter will become a yearly tradition.

The knitting has been really eventful this season, there were a few projects I've had planned since September, and others that I didn't see coming until December, but they've turned out perfectly and I think the recipients will be happy!

For example::This picture includes both the Counterpane Carpet Bag {a project that was requested in early December} and a baby sweater {that I had planned since October}. Well you'll see below that I had no problem finishing the counterpane carpet bag, but my baby sweater was another story. I decided to change directions completely, but I'll leave those details for another day!

I just shipped out the finished Counterpane Carpet Bag from Holiday Knits::

And as a fun detail, I changed the color of one of the scallops::

The bag was accompanied by an apron {practicing my meager sewing skills!}. I'm making some aprons this year ~ from old tablecloths that dressed our tables for a few years. I'm finding the material to be just perfect for aprons! It's a little bit thicker than typical cotton prints, and so it seems that it will be a bit more absorbent when it comes to messy cooking projects.

This apron had a few fun details because it's recipient is anything but average. Here are the best shots I could take without an assistant::

*The flower is removable for easy washing and the feathery bottom is machine washable on the delicate cycle.

Now, I'm having a great afternoon, staying cozy and crafting with my sister while the ice begins to melt::

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Nicole said...

I love, love, love the bag! Great idea with the green scallop.