Tuesday, January 22, 2008

End of January

January is passing in a flash. I'm back in Boston, where the weather can be anything from freezing and overcast, to mid-40s and sunny. So, I've tailored my knitting to be ready for anything that Boston throws at me.

For those frigid days we have a pair of thrummed mittens::

Do the blue thumbs make you think of a particular story?...

Pattern ~ from Interweave Knits Winter '06
Yarn and Wool for Thrums ~ purchases made at Rhinebeck, but I can't find the vendor details

Notes for next time ~ I definitely have to work on keeping the thrums even, and knitting them into the mitten so that their ends are fairly even. Unfortunately, I wasn't very careful with this pair, and so I have some longer thrums inside that don't seem to be felting into the other thrums very smoothly. I'm hoping it's something that will get worked out with wear.

And for those sunny, warmer days, the Tree Jacket from Zephyr Style::
I've just started this one and so far so good! I'm using Cotton Ease, and it seems like a great yarn for this sweater ~ nice drape for the cowl neck, soft, and with a little give that is nice for a sweater.

And, I'll finally finish all of the holiday talk with a note of things received. This holiday definitely fell under the themes of homemade and crafty. Whether it was the gifts that were made, or the all of the fun gifts that were received. For me it was a pile of new yarns {many that I've never used before and am very excited about}, or the new books {for knitting and sewing! ~ as I've mentioned}::

A new jar of buttons! I'm even more excited by the jar than the buttons, but both will come in handy*::

A from gift I'm affectionately calling the "Sigg Sack". Keeping my banged and bruised Sigg safe. Who ever said bottles in bags aren't classy?::

Now back to the mittens ~ does little Jack Horner Ring a bell?

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mames said...

oooh, those mittens look very cozy. they will be warm and toasty. i also like the jar of buttons. mason has recently become fascinated with anything button like and i am thinking about a little project involving them. when i was little my mom had a box of buttons that i played with for hours....like mama, like son.