Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Last of the Holiday Goodies

The last of the gifts have been opened, so I can share them with you! This was such a fun and diverse crafting season ~ cookbooks were made, there was plenty of knitting, and some very successful sewing. Here we go::

Toe-up Jaywalkers for Nik::
Yarn ~ Regia Crazy Color
Needles ~ size 2 addi turbos

Uni-color Pinwheel for Soph::
Yarn ~ Knit Picks CotLin (about 2.5 balls)
Needles ~ 4mm

Cotlin is a GREAT baby yarn! Soft, light, and machine washable. There is some shrinkage when washed the first time, but not much. Doing a couple sample swatches, I noticed that Cotlin shows a cable really well, so I might use it for a more detailed cable project next.

A Mobius Scarf birthday gift for Nik::
**I have to thank Calder for being a great photographer ~ these were taken while we waited out the storm/blizzard in Tahoe. Lots of snow and little electricity make for loads of fun and game playing!

Pattern ~ Sage Rhythm Wrap from A Treasury of Magical Knitting by Cat Bordhi
Yarn ~ Blue Sky Suri Merino (just over 2 skeins)
Needles ~ Size 10

I love, love, love this project! I liked being about to wrap the scarf twice around my neck. I also like the change of not having long scarf ends hanging down. And this yarn is so soft around the neck. Although, I could see it being a little bit hairy and getting in your mouth nose, but all in all, not too bad.

And here's Nik modeling her knits::

And the last of the season's sewing::
A couple more pairs of pj pants for C. This second round of pants is improved by the suggestions I received after giving the first pair on Christmas (elastic in the waist, reinforcing some seams, etc).

I'm so excited about the sewing and know I'll do quite a bit more this year, because for Christmas I received Bend-the-rules Sewing and Sew What! Skirts !! I'm one happy camper. While knitting is great, sewing provides such instant gratification... and I've gotten over my fear of sewing through my fingers. sewfingerphobia.

I got to spend a few days at home, where the cats napped and the babies sat in pots.

Luckily we rescued her before she became fish stew.

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Cutest baby knit ever!