Sunday, March 16, 2008

Knitting a-long

Well, I didn't finish either of my sweaters this weekend, but another project came to a timely finish.

The Inga Hat is complete just in time for a trip to Switzerland!

This was my first stranded colorwork project. For being my first stranded project, I think my tension is ok, not perfect, but definitely wearable. Next time I'll have to pick colors with more contrast so the design pops.

There are little details in this pattern that I love:: the braided edge, and the view from the top are two.

And, in addition to the hat, my mom and I participated in Larissa's latest knit-a-long! She's looking for knitters to knit a 6x6 inch dishcloth with cream/natural colored cotton. If you have an evening or a few hours, this is a fun project. For my dishcloth, I used a simple cable pattern from Vogue's Stitchtionary II.

Now, off to do some research and pack!


Ibunnysavetroy said...

wow, love the hat! I like how close the colors are, but still noticable!

mames said...

the hat is lovely, girl, you travel a lot. i feel slightly jealous. but i also love all the great photos that come from your journeys. the hike was good, steep and challenging with two babies in packs, but we got through most of it and they got to wander on their first singletrack. ahh, these babies, they will be packing their own backpacks soon. cannot wait, they are getting heavy. smiles and safe travels.