Friday, March 21, 2008

Where's the Logic?

Spring has arrived! and what do we do but pack up and head off to Switzerland for more snow, skiing, some glaciers, a cuckoo clock here and there, and a boat-load {sled-load} of fun?!

So, before I leave, I give you this hodge podge of a post, enjoy!

Socks are my travel knitting of choice for this trip. After a marathon of knitting jaywalkers throughout the fall, I'm starting the Charade {Ravelry link} marathon this spring. The red pair are for my one sister, and then the blue yarn is a Christmas gift from my other and I'm going to use that to make a couple pair of charade ankle socks. fun fun.

Now, this next bit of crafty goodness deserves its own post, but I thought I'd squeeze it in here. BUTTONS! and more BUTTONS! I'm really so excited about all of these buttons. Excited to the point where I want to knit projects with button holes, but at the same time I don't want to use up the BUTTONS too fast:-)

Where did all of this buttony goodness come from? I have to give a big thanks to my Aunt Shelly for generously sharing these buttons with me.

I have the buttons stored in some extra canning jars, separated by color::
But they also look like candy when poured into a little bowl::
A crafter's take on the ball pit::

And some of my favorites (notice how one is filled with seeds?!)::

No post is completely lately without some photos of weather and the sky. While waiting for the bus after yoga, the sky went from this::

to this::

And across the street, was this building::Notice how the sky behind the building is overcast, but the reflection is the nice blue sky approaching.

Ok, there's one big post to occupy you for a few days!


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Have fun in Switzerland!!

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