Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's an Almond Tree!

I finally have some knitting to share ~ my finished Tree Jacket. Pictures from a cloudy day::

Pattern ~ Tree Jacket
Yarn ~ Cotton Ease, Almond Colorway. A quick note on the yarn. I think cotton is going to make this a great sweater for cool summer evenings, but I also think that an alpaca might provide more drape and make for a really nice sweater too!
Needles ~ 7US
Modifications ~ I changed the garter stitch segments (chest, arms) to reverse stockinette, because I don't like the ridges that are formed with garter stitch. I think the solid look of reverse stockinette provides a much cleaner look. Also, I changed the pattern called for in the sleeves. In the pattern, the last five inches of the sleeve are supposed to be knit in stockinette, but when I did that, I didn't like the look of the transition from reverse stockinette to stockinette (picture below). I think it's because the cotton yarn has so much structure, it emphasizes that transition, so instead I choose to knit reverse stockinette for the full sleeve.



A spring picture ~ The tree outside my bedroom window::

And a little spring test ~ When do you know it's time to re-pot your houseplants? When there's no soil left!::

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krissy said...

beautiful sweater my dear, i agree with the sleeve change. i hope you're keeping this one for yourself. p.s. spring has yet to arrive here, it's calling for snow tomorrow. enjoy your buds!