Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I've had a busy, busy weekend of work. It really consumes me sometimes. I always want to finish just one more thing, and read just one more paper, and on and on. The *wow* came when I plugged in my camera tonight and it reminded me that yes, in the past couple of days I did more than just work ~ horray for this "photographic" memory.

On Saturday I was riding along the local bike path (on my way to Starbucks to... work), when I passed a sign that said "Schwamb Mill, Open for tours!". In my mind it read "Schwamb Mill, Open for procrastination!" I stopped by and was invited on my own, one person tour.

This mill was opened by German brothers that had moved to the US sometime in the 1800s. It was almost demolished in the 1960s, but saved by a local woman (I forget her name). She had such a passion for the mill that she saved it from being demolished, opened it as a museum, and kept it in working order. She continued to volunteer at the mill until she passed away in 2001(or 03). As the guide on my tour said, one person can make a difference.

The mill was built to make picture frames ~ this was around the time that people started to have portraits taken. They still make frames here once a week.

When the mill's turned on, you can see all of the belts and wheels moving overhead::

Here's the lathe used to carve the frames:

The mill was originally run by water power, then they transitioned to steam engines, and eventually electricity::

And with this final picture, the mill epitomizes the saying "if these walls could talk"... and I guess, the writing's on the wall... sorry, it's late:-)

My weekend fun wasn't over after the tour ~ On Monday I biked into Boston. I bike in to Boston every day, but Monday was Patriots Day (an official holiday in Mass), and Marathon Monday. So biking in was more relaxed and the streets were free of traffic. I saw some of the marathon, but I was really more excited because the city is in full bloom!

wow. a great weekend.


mames said...

so purdy.

Calder said...

That is a kickass mill!