Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wall Art

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As we all know, Etsy and crafty blogs have rocked our world. I love that over the past year+ I've seen so many great ideas and have been able to share ideas both with other bloggers and with the crafty ladies in my life.

I've been really inspired by the non-knitting art that I've seen out there, and I finally realized that I don't have to wait until I own my own house to start collecting pieces. So now I'm off and running!

This spring I finally took some time to hang up these pieces. Starting with the red one and moving clockwise you have:
-Keep Calm and Carry On print by sfgirlbybay (purchased on etsy).
-Article Pract plastic bag - I love the knitting girl design that decorates all Article Pract bags, tape measures, etc. I had this printed plastic bag (it's clear with the design printed in black) lying around from the shop, and I realized that I could turn it into a piece of art simply by putting a piece of colored paper behind the printed plastic bag. So there you go.
-The man drinking coffee is a cover of Whole Earth magazine that I framed years ago. I love this whole cover for many reasons: that it says Whole Earth at the top, that the man's drinking coffee and holding the cup so daintily, and at the bottom of the cover it says "Coffee Nation The Culture and Economy of a Global Addition" (the idea that we all have something in common).
-Finally the Sheep Picture - that I bought from the farmer who owns these sheep and took this picture! I purchased it at Rhinebeck last year, and I've misplaced the photographer/farmer's name, but I'll try to find it.

I think this wall could use one more picture to the right of the Article Pract knitter. And for some context - these are all hanging above my desk/sewing table (my blue sewing machine is on it in this picture).

I've recently purchased another print by Lisa Congdon and that one's hanging by my bed.

And the great thing about all of this art is that it didn't take a lot of money to put some great art on the wall - which is a reminder that we can start collecting art at any stage in life and with any budget.

Have a great Tuesday*

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