Friday, July 04, 2008

Some Good Things

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I was reminded today that I've become a bit lax with my blog postings. And all I can do is agree - I keep meaning to post, there's so much good stuff going on and so many ideas that are popping into my head, I just have to get on it! June was just a whirl-wind of traveling, visiting, and transitioning into summer; every time I sat down to post, I either got distracted or didn't have the material (i.e. pictures) on the right computer.

So, this post is a jump-start of sorts. Here's to the rest of summer, the skirts I plan to sew, the summer knits I plan to knit, the summer foods I plan on cooking and eating, the summer fun that's still to come!

The pictures in this post are from my b(a)ff, Nik. She's a pro at sending packages filled with goodies (I'm guessing that having a husband in Afghanistan helped with that!). I think I squealed when I opened a box filled with lemon curd, a great old Vermont Cookbook (hello maple syrup), yarn, needles, etc.etc. And, as if it couldn't get any better, a set of six cognac cups carved from stone and sent from Afghanistan were tucked inside(I'll have to add the picture later, because they're on another computer!).

And while I've been silent, I've enjoyed these goodies from other blogs:
~Luckybeans' tour of a tea estate in Africa.
~Soulemama's adventures in jam making... I can't wait until apple butter season comes around again!!
~This sweater by DoggedKnits. And these embroidered pillows (hint hint Kris).
~And THESE spore prints by Knittingiris. wow!

Next up:
~A June Travel recap - from Maine to Virginia, with a shout out to Philly.
~Some knitting catch-up
~Sewing - bring on the skirts and bags
~A birthday contest!

Ahhh, I think that's all for now, Happy July!

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