Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rainy Days

Hello from the San Francisco airport! Where the current security level is "Orange", and the skies are grey. Dudes, I just spent four of the rainiest days in sunny California. It rained, it poured, and it misted.

Luckily I had some great company on the couch, and we even ventured outside to watch one stage of the Tour of California! We went to one of the more remote locations south of San Francisco, and we were amazed at the thousand or so other fans that were there too. We were also amazed at a couple of things::
--the anticipation of the racers coming {any second!} is a lot of fun
--they didn't appear to be going that fast, yet...
--they passed by in a flash
--we couldn't identify a single racer
--we took a little video, watched it in slow motion and still couldn't identify anyone
--c could take them in a race ;-)

I'm hoping to leave the rain behind for sunnier Boston skies... really it's crazy that I'm counting on Boston to bring me sun, but it was shining the day I left!::

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the Lady said...

Oh, you just missed the sun! It came out and is warm today. Hopefully Boston will be nicer than the past week here was!