Monday, June 15, 2009

Change of Plans...

We interrupt today's issue of Soundtrack Monday to bring you the Weekend Recap::

On Saturday a tutu was made::

This was a simple, no-sew tutu, just requiring scissors, tulle, and ribbon. Anyone with some creative juices will understand how to get from the picture above to this, but if you need more details, let me know::

The tutu was required for a party on the beach, with a fantabulous view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I went as a mime {with a tutu}.The party required "Soundsuits" - your costume had to make noise ~ I was the Insurgent Mime, there to crash the party. Get it?? fun fun!

Knowing that the evening on the beach would end with a chill, I knit up a quick Foliage hat with my leftover Eco wool from the Vivian sweater {pictures of Vivian coming soon}. I'm loving Foliage in black, and it went so well with the mime outfit.

And finally, on Saturday, we didn't do much dressing up, but we did help out at a bike race. More fun in the sun, and plenty of time for knitting {there are some fun new projects in the works}!

Now, back to work:-)

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