Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where was I? {Where I am?}

It's been a busy week since my last post. Let's see...

We saw Lance dominate the tour of Nevada City:: {he's the guy in front, always moving way too fast for a clear shot}

I finally got some shots of a long-overdue project::
This is the evening shrug pattern that was posted on Purlbee last year. It's a super easy and fast knit, and just perfect for wearing with tank tops on cool evenings. I wore it out to a noodle shop where I had this delicious Japanese beer::I'm not sure if it was the flavor or the label that I loved more.

I hung out with The Lady. Before you read any further, you might want to hop over to her blog and sign up for her contest! We did some yarn shopping where I picked up a fantabulous wool, silk, and bamboo yarn. On my long flight from CA to Philly I used the yarn to make this::It's the bulk of the Springtime Bandit Shawl... and if it weren't for a silly mistake near the end I'd have a finished product to share.

I spent a night at my parents house, where the moths are just hanging out waiting to get their picture taken {click on the picture to see it bigger and scarier}::

And now? Now I'm in Boston again, and now that I've finally landed I'm so exhausted that it's hard to stay awake for more than six hours, but I'm trying.

So let the posts resume!

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the Lady said...

Oh, that's knitting up beautifully!