Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week of Winter Foliage { winter greens }

Eek, someone dropped the ball over here!

Finally, the last winter foliage installment, and just in time for a week of milder temps. So if you haven't ventured out in a while, this might be the time to take a walk and enjoy the foliage!

{Winter Greens}
The circles of lichen were so brilliant the day I was out. More brilliant than the photos can capture, but still worth a shot.

Then there was all of this happy moss:: So so lush. And it wasn't until I was snapping away that I noticed the awesome tree in the background of these photos. It might be my favorite image from the whole series.

And, finally, complimenting the green is a touch of red::

Tomorrow, some new music, following by a weekend of wool-y goodness. stay tuned*

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lynn said...

the soft green of lichens is probably my favorite color- beautiful photographs- thanks for sharing