Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Week of Winter Foliage { flowers }

I found it, the perfect cure for anyone suffering from the mid-winter blues!

Last Saturday, as the East Coast was pummeled by snow, I spent some time taking in the winter foliage. It was a good little reminder to slow down and enjoy the season... and always a nice reminder of the Vermont hike & company many years ago that put the Winter Foliage spark in my head.

Here's the fist installation from my Saturday adventure. enjoy*


Flower? seed pods? you be the judge::

And even the evergreens have some flowers to share::

If that didn't work, head over to Seraphina Firenze for some orange flavored vodka that will warm you up in no time.

Tomorrow's foliage:: { roses }

p.s. Boston didn't get a lick of snow, but we're enjoying every arctic cold front that old man winter blows our way. not awesome.

1 comment:

Thea said...

Those pics are gorgeous - and I just might have to try the orange vodka... after all, I do like my drinks!

And I'll need something to do tomorrow when we DO get our share of snow, right?