Saturday, September 04, 2010

India :: the delightfully unexpected, silly, and beautiful

In India, you can....

a. get your Safari Suit cleaned from the comfort of your hotel!

b. study soft drink brand design over lunch

c. turn the corner in a grey alley and come upon an unexpected and lovingly maintained doorway.

d. dine guilt-free on drumsticks, because they are super foods after all!

e. find the perfect corn dish to go with your drumsticks...

f. heed the warning that too much spice is not nice {this was on the plane menu}!

g. expect to come upon a menagerie of beach traffic including :: a herd of cattle, a motorcycle, Indian women selling goods, and a Calder!

h. love every minute of it.

**oops, my lettering was off when I first published - who's still recovering from the jet lag?!


Siga said...

I love the 'f' section. :)

Sarah said...

The spice warning is funny..apparently on planes your sense of taste suffers because of the altitude. That's why everyone thinks the meals suck. Chefs are trained to salt and spice it up!