Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Indian Crafts

People in the know, know that it's been crazy hectic around here. All good crazy, but it hasn't left much time for crafting over the past month... although I'm hoping to turn that around very soon! In the meantime, I thought I'd share some goods from India.

First up : Shoes!! How awesome are these? And buying these was taking a step back in time, the shoe salesman had me sit on a bench and I wasn't supposed to get up or help in any way. They brought dozens of shoes to me, and they put them on my feet ~ anytime I bent to help he brushed me off and told me he would do it. Then, once I had my favorites picked out, I left the store so that the men could negotiate. And honestly, negotiating is not one of my strong traits, so I was more than happy to keep my nose out of that part of the process!

The white ones are my top choice at the moment for wedding shoes {if I don't go barefoot, that is!}. I think they'll be so comfortable for a day spent running around outside. Check out the bottoms on them:: And the brown ones are just for casual wearing... I think they would look great with some skinny cords this fall, what do you think? I also picked up a pair of very fancy, beaded shoes that could be in the running for the wedding ceremony, but they're hidden away in one of our bags, so I'll save that treat for later.

In the meantime, I found another very special piece of craftsmanship to bring home. Check out this quilt :: It's giant! We didn't have much choice as far as size went, but that was fine by me. This was by far our biggest purchase, but I had planned ahead and packed an empty duffel bag in my pack for just this reason. So getting everything back to the US was not a problem at all. I just had to keep my fingers crossed that the bags made it on each of the {many} planes!

Ok, soon enough we'll be back to crafting. Soon...

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