Monday, January 03, 2011


Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Holy Cow!

That deodorant post was up just a bit too long, don't you think? As usual, we celebrated (are still celebrating) the holidays to their fullest. Leaving little time for blogging, but much to catch up on!

Right now my camera and all of the holiday photos are somewhere in Nebraska, making their way across the country with Calder, the van, and the rest of our stuff as they move from one coast to another. Their current ETA is sometime late tomorrow evening, so I've raided my iPhone for some pictures for this post.

This holiday season included more travel than ever.

Exhibit 1:: the view from my napping position while waiting for 1 of the 10, yes 10, flights required to get from here to there to there to here.

Exhibit 2:: a blurry view from the autobahn. We drove it and survived! And the one thing we all agreed upon. Measuring speed with kilometers rather than miles feels the same as paying for things in Euros rather than dollars : euros are like play money, so you're not really spending "real" money from your bank account when you go on that shopping spree, and you're not "really" going 100 MPH* when your speed is measured in kilometers.

But now I'm home, recovering with one of my favorite soup recipes (paired with a grilled cheese), and gearing up to one more big gathering and end to our holiday fun before the semester starts!

We're hosting the family for the first time at the new house and it should be fun! There will be games, and if we're ambitious, we may catch up on some holiday baking that never happened in the pre-holiday hustle and bustle. I'm going to try my hand at making popovers. If they're as easy as the recipe seems, this could be a new favorite!

Once the camera returns, I'll catch you up on some of the fun sites from our travels, and, of course, the holiday crafts. The few the were finished in time and the many still waiting in the craft room!

*Don't worry Mom, we didn't quite reach 100 MPH.

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ann said...

No comment on the speed since I've been there myself...the speed, not the autobahn.