Thursday, April 21, 2011

w-HOOP-ty Do.

You've probably seen this before ~ it's the perfect easy and cheap way to decorate a wall, particularly the wall above your sewing machine::

Just take a collection of sewing hoops, fill them with fabrics and hang!

Rather than use just printed cottons, I wanted to add some variety to my wall. The blue and white checks on the left are from an old, old shower curtain from my parents' house. The brown, burlap fabric with the white stripe is from a coffee sack. I'd like to enhance that one with an embroidered flower or two, maybe try out some crewel work. The igloo print on the bottom was made from a linoleum block that I carved in high school. As you'll see soon, I've used some of the fabric in the large hoop for a special, secret wedding treat. And finally, I have a few tiny hoops to fill in some of the larger gaps, but I've temporarily hijacked them for another project.

There you have it ~ something so nice and easy that dresses up the wall and allows for continuous modification as inspiration strikes!

ETA:: speaking of easy decorations, I'm still loving my simple little vase.

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