Sunday, May 01, 2011

This picture-heavy post is a celebration of the common, and not-so-common, daffodil {genus Narcissus}. They're under the weeping cherry, among the succulents, under the pine trees, and everywhere in between. These reliable, early spring blooms provided bursts of yellow, brightening up the rainy days of April::
They looked lovely against our carpet of red succulents::

My favorites were the frilly ones::

But some days I loved the simple varieties more::

Particularly this peachy-keen one::

Although among all of this love, I have to admit that the ones with multiple flowers on a single stalk seem like a genetic mistake/accident::

Just as reliable as the daffodils were the April showers ~ did you see those rain clouds in the first picture? But we also saw glimpses of sun, and have our fingers crossed that there's more to come!

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