Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We did our fair share of picnicking and relaxing over the holiday weekend.

It began with a day of eating and relaxing in China Camp State Park, which gets its rather funny name because the area was once a thriving Chinese shrimping village.

Unfortunately this is one of the parks slated to close due to California's budget crisis. C and I have visited China Camp a few times on our different visits to CA, and I was sad to hear about the decision close it. The park is right across the Bay from San Francisco and Oakland, making it an easy day-trip for a large population of people. Unfortunately {as you're probably aware}, there are many CA state parks on the chopping block, so who am I to say that this park is more important than another? Knowing how good a day or even a walk in nature is for a person's mind and spirit, it just leaves me with a pit in my stomach knowing that when the budget gets tight, we erode the resources that make our population strong. Fortunately a dedicated group of supporters, is working to raise the funds needed to keep China Camp open! Unfortunately this is only 1 of the 70 parks closing; if you would like to learn more about the campaign to keep CA's state parks open, click here.

Sunday we got a bit more active with our picnicking. We hiked up to the West Point Inn where we relaxed and ate the lunch we packed before hiking down to the German Club for beers and a serious game of Life.

Tonight I'm going to fly home and get serious about the rest of my {fun} summer plans. From tending the garden {I just ordered plants for our water gardens!} to working on the house and tackling some long-awaited sewing & painting projects. Summer's here!

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