Monday, May 14, 2012

WIP {rocking chair}

Last fall, a farm up the street was having a yard sale and I scored this rocking chair for $1! Of course, it didn't come with a seat and was in serious need of a paint job, but still, it was just a dollar! So I finagled it into my trunk, brought it home and painted it that night, and then it sat on the porch all winter as I tried to come up with a seat solution. At first I thought I would treat the frame like a loom and weave something colorful around it. Then I thought I would keep it simple, put any old seat on it and make a fun wool cover using some of the army blankets that ware used as picnic blankets at our wedding. And then as spring's porch-sitting weather approached, I realized it was now or never, and I decided to go with belts.

I wanted to be selective, and use only old, worn leather belts, but no matter how many times I visited our local Good Will, I couldn't find enough. I thought this would be a quick and easy project, but I was so surprised at how hard it is to find the belts! So I decided to go with a collection of leather, cotton, and jute. Of course, there's a stray fake-leather belt in the mix right now, and that's why I'm considering this a work in progress ~ I'm going to keep searching, and as I find used leather belts, I'm going to add them to the chair and remove others. {and I'm not above begging ~ have any old leather belts you want to send my way?!}

But for now, it's good {and comfy!} enough to support a whole evening of porch sitting and knitting...

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Lynn said...

Very cool= I'll have a look around and see if I can hunt amy up : )