Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Living off my phone

This fall has definitely been a season of travel. I'm enjoying it, but finally reached the point where it was easier to reach for my phone than a camera when taking pictures... Last week started with a trip to NY in preparations for our even more exciting trip to Brazil!

What an ordeal to prep and submit visa applications for a whole family. The assembly line approach was required. My office computers, which are typically running economic models, were hijacked for the work, and, of course, our trusty side-kick Ca$h tried to get in there and "help" whenever he could.

We were in New York for just a day ~ enough time to drop off the paper work and do some shopping. The city was much drier than it is today {and we are lucky that the storm passed by our town with just 48 hours of light to medium rain and no other damage to report}. I made a concerted effort on this trip to finally stop in Purl SoHo. If you haven't found it yet, their blog is a treasure trove of ideas for knitting, sewing and crochet projects. On this visit I picked up yarn for the infant mittens {it's great to be able to pick up just enough of an accent color rather than a typical skein} and for a baby bonnet.

After that it was off to Boston for a thrilling two+ days of work. Unfortunately this trip didn't leave as much time for exploring my old favorite shops and squares, but I did sneak off one evening for dinner at Wagamama.

And now, a week at home. We're prepping for the halloween fun tonight, I've cast on for a new hat since a winter chill is officially in the air, and the pooch is so happy to have his pack back together that he'll sleep in the most uncomfortable positions just to be between us.

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