Thursday, October 18, 2012

What I'm up to lately ~

There is never a shortage of projects around these parts, but there is a shortage of updates. Last weekend I was cleaning up and organizing the many {many} works in progress. One of them includes this pile of crocheted circles that I made in a flurry last winter ::

It's so easy to make a pile of circles when you have fun skeins of yarn that changes color as you go... and then comes the task of putting the circles together to make an afghan and that's where everything comes to a halt. I had no interest in taking that last step until I saw the pile sitting there and realized that at this point with just a little bit of work I'd have an afghan finished in time for the coming winter... and of course, I'm only thinking about the crazy multi-day blizzards that I'm sure we're going to get this year.

I laid the circles out on the floor into an arrangement I like, then I piled them in rows and now it's easy to throw a single row in my bag and work on the white boarder that turns the circles into squares. Once I have a row done I'll start whip-stitching them together.

And for those keeping up with my many works in progress, I'm still chipping away at the hexagon afghan, but there are lofty goals for that one to be quite a bit bigger than this one.

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