Monday, November 05, 2012

Saxis after Sandy

Our weekend was spent in Saxis, Virginia, at the new family beach house, known fondly as Schustead Virginia by some and Schuhaus by others.

While the town's fishing peer was damaged, some crab houses destroyed, and some houses flooded, we got away with just a touch of wind damage. Seeing the photos from NY and NJ, and driving through some of the damage in VA, we are aware of just how lucky we were.

And a touch of progress was made on the new hat ::


juicyknits said...

Wow, what's the pattern for the hat? That's turning out great.

sarah said...

That's the first photo I've seen of the beach house!! So excited to get down there.

Gregoria Loth said...

I think going to your family beach house after Sandy was indeed a good idea. You guys deserve to have a great time as we all know how awful the scenario was after the hurricane hit the state. You're lucky to have this fantastic place to unwind.