Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Baby {Blanket} Watch 2013

The circles blanket is done! If I wouldn't have put this aside for months at a time it would have been a really fast and easy project.

Pattern :: Sunny Spread
Yarn :: Lion Brand Amazing {colored centers} & Pattons Wool {white borders}

My crude notes on the adjustments I made to the original pattern :: Added an extra double crochet border around each square, by double crocheting 17 along the side, then making two double crochets into the next three stitches at the corner {resulting in 23 stitches along each side}.

I then whip-stitched the squares together. Once all of the seams were sewn, I singled crocheted around the entire blanket, doing two single crochets into the two stitches where each square meets. I then finished the blanket with what I’m referring to as a “crocheted blanket stitch” around the edge.

Cash was super happy to be included in this photo session, can you tell?

The Amazing yarn was a great choice for this project ~ just four or five skeins gave me this much color variation, making it really affordable for a large, colorful project like this...

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