Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Calder turned 35!... and we realized that the beach could wait, it was time to throw this guy a surprise party weekend.

These guys showed up ::

Wishes were made {at this point he still didn't realize that we were serious about the weekend of fun that was about to go down}

Little A transitioned into perfect baby bird form, hoping a piece of cake would fall into his open mouth.

With Alex in full neck-control mode, he easily morphs from bird to plane...

And then Sarah released the confetti bomb {no one was more surprised than her, seriously}.

After the confetti settled it was time for presents, but first a reaction to presents::

Kris could not believe her eyes when Calder opened his one-piece PJs {feet and hood included!}, because Calder was getting a big jealous that Alex had all of the cozy PJs in the house.

An hour {give or take} after eating cake, it was time for a pool party {or a nap if you want to be a baby about it}.

And apparently Sarah is just as surprised to hit water when jumping in the pool as she was in the great confetti incident of '13.

The next morning Calder wowed us with his mad griddle skills.

Then there was more swimming {and napping}. Followed by debauchery and grilled pizza on the deck.

What a perfect wind down to the first summer of Alex. And a very happy birthday to Calder, here's to a 135 more!


kristin said...

Best weekend ever!

sarah said...

This is seriously the best blog post ever. we party like it's 1999. Great photos!