Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Stuffed Pup


This stuffed pup is 20 years old.

I made it in my middle school home-ec class {that means, that maybe now I'm "old" according to my middle school standards}, and then it sat patiently in my parents' attic. I can't believe I had the sewing courage to attack this furry fabric and turn it into the handsome pup it is. While I may have had the courage, I fell short on the stuffing; look at how this little guy can't hold his head high {unlike Alex, who is a head-holding master}!

When Alex came along, I realized that it would be so much fun {for me, at least} to put the stuffed pup in his room. He doesn't have a room yet, but it's coming this fall, and I've come up with a few exciting ideas! In the meantime, the pup has found it's purpose as Little A's tummy-time pillow. It's at a great height for those little legs, it's soft enough that his belly can rest comfortably, and the fur is perfect for little hands to grab on to while trying to pull forward.

Now that pup's in the limelight, it might be time to fix his ear that was never quite sewn on right {because those little hands are sure to find it and give it a good pull now and then}, give him a collar, and maybe put a bit more fluff in his floppy neck!

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