Monday, October 02, 2006

the good, the bad, and the ugly...

First the good - I have a box o' bags! It's just 11, would have been 14, but there were three mishaps (see below for the latest trauma!)...

The bad - The bags don't have zippers yet! Look at the picture. Not one bag will zip. I always avoid the zippers until the last minute. I know that it doesn't take that long to put in a zipper, and usually I like the change of pace, but I can never bring myself to put in zippers until it's time to give the bags away.

now - the ugly - I checked on my last load of bags while they were in the washer, and this is what I found:

Don't worry if the picture looks fuzzy and out of focus. It wasn't meant to be pretty. I was a bit bummed when I saw this because this was one of the color combinations that I was really excited about. A bit of advice: PROTECT YOUR KNITTED ITEMS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE FELTING PROCESS. You know, when the knit is still loose and can get caught on the washer and SHRED! Usually I put my bags in a pillow case to start the process. They don't always stay in the case, but I think they stay long enought to shrink a bit. As a result, when they escape the bag they aren't in danger of shredding.

And finally a fun shot from my office. It's my little chicks n' hens window garden!

Good Night!

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Nicole said...


you're so quick! i'm REALLY excited about the Mt. C Craft Fair. i was thinking about renting a space next to your (think your mama could hook me up?)..just in case we want to spread out...or need more room. i have a ton of stuff (i'll send pics from my last art show..where i had a 10X10 space). let me know.