Friday, January 26, 2007

Best Kept Secrets

The internet constantly amazes me. As we all know, there is just so much information out there, and it is truly a skill to conduct a quality search for information. I haven't checked lately, but I really hope that kids are learning how to conduct successful searches. This can replace lessons on using the card catalogs in the library.** It's both frustrating and rewarding to do weeks of research and just when you're at your wits' end you find the golden nugget!

For me, one of those great finds is Knit Picks Yarn Sellers. This website sells quality yarns at unbelievable prices!
Seriously. Superwash sock yarn for $3.50 a skein (230 yards!), 100% Merino DK weight for `2.75, 100% Merino sport weight for $1.99. Yes - $1.99. I still can't get over my amazement. I placed my first order two weeks ago and am still giddy about the amount of yarn I received for $20. Bonus - if you place an order over $45 you receive free shipping. Can it get any better?!

Oh yes, and here's what I've accomplished with my new purchase:

A food secret: Vanilla Icecream and Almond Butter are a match made in heaven. Try it.

**I LOVE card catalogs. All of the little drawers. I dream of having one and filling it with fun stuff. There has to be a card catalog looking for a home.

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it always amazes me when i realize JUST how alike we's strange..maybe it IS more environment than genetics...|Library_Style_Storage__Walnut&ref=tgt_adv_XSC10001

check it out, now...funk soul brotha...check it out now...