Monday, January 15, 2007

Christmas Loot!

I'm finally back in Boston after a month of vacation! I spent the evening organizing and reorganizing in an attempt to get ready for school. I have some major work to do on my stash of yarn. I realized that I have a lot of yarn that I know I won't use. Most of it is partial skeins, so I think I'm going to donate it to the ladies I knit with! Plus, I received such great gifts of yarn, that I have plenty to keep me busy:

Blue Sky Alpaca: 100% Alpaca, sport weight. Two skeins of grape, one of oatmeal, one of green.

Ironstone Yarns: Harmony Yarn, 100% wool. Two skeins of green.

Rio de la Plata: Hand spun, 100% Wool. One skein lavender, one skein dark purple.

I also realized while organizing that I have to do a better job of documenting my projects - keeping track of everything from yarn and needles, to pattern modifications and final notes. I have a great notebook just for this purpose, I just. have. to. open. it!

Here are the promised shots of my needle case:
The case is now filled with needles. I didn't want to put too many in for the picture, to not hide the beauty of the case:-D.

And finally, my feet are happy with my new socks (also knitted from some gift yarn!).

Tomorrow's the start of a new semester!

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