Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stole My Thunder :-\

If you noticed my sidebar lately, I made a change. I added a "works in progress" list. In that list is the Lady Eleanor "Scarf". I had a brilliant idea to take the Lady Eleanor pattern from Scarf Style and turn it into a skinny version, which would make a great, fashionable scarf. I thought that this was my brilliant idea to share with the world. Until I saw this. Instead of stole my thunder, maybe I should say scarf my thunder... ok, it's not funny.

Anyway, I'm knitting the scarf with just one color - Patons SWS in the colorway Natural Earth. Which is a great combination of colors to go with almost any sweater or coat I pull out of my closet.

As I'm knitting, I'm just so impressed with how well the yarn's name fits its color - the spectrum of browns and greys that make up soil, running into the blues, reds, and ambers of a sunset, all pulled together with the greens of a vibrant forest. I looked down while I was knitting and had to take a picture of the skein as it unveiled the rainbow of colors.

Side note - I WILL put up the second half of the double-sided knitting tutorial. I just thought I'd give you some more time to practice!

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