Friday, September 19, 2008


I saw my advisor in the hall last week, he's kind, in a tough love sort of way. Anyway, he could tell that I was stressed about my exams and said that I just have to keep doing two things to manage the stress: exercise and list making. Well, I get plenty of exercise, and lists? I write plenty of lists. Little did he know that most of my lists during my exams were about all of the things I wanted to do after the exams!

I now have my lists of christmas crafts. **If people have requests out there, now's the time to send this elf a note!

I also have lists of the fun autumn things I want to do. This lists includes lots of apples, squash, spices, and walks through the falling leaves.

I added the Writer's Almanac to my list of daily podcasts. I really love this one and usually listen to it as I drink my first cup of coffee.

I also have the lists of the great music I was listening to while studying. I listened to a lot of music through Pandora, and I can't praise it enough. If you haven't tried it out yet, just go to type in the name of an artist or song you like and they play music they think you would like (based upon what you typed). It's very simple and provides hours of listening fun. Gillian by The Waifs is one of my new favorite songs. Here are a few lines::
Oh Gillian, you’re up with the sun
You’ve done a hundred things before half past nine
By the time most folk are up and gone
You’ll be starting on one hundred and one

There’s not enough hours in a day
To do all the things she’s just got to do
When the daylight fades and the night invades
She’s only just begun

Weary as you lay at night waiting for the sun
Planning out tomorrow now before this day is done
‘Gillian you work too hard’
But don’t you try to slow her down – she’ll tell you
‘Idleness is good for none work's how I get my fun
Idleness is good for none work's how I get things done’

The perfect song for all of the industrious, hard-working ladies I know out there.

I was up early this morning finishing the curtains for the van before a certain someone arrives for a visit. I'll post more details and pics of the curtains this weekend!


the Lady said...

You know, that song always confused me. I presume it's supposed to be a male vocalist singing it? "If you weren't my mother I'd make you my wife."


I did see the Waifs sing in person, it was pretty cool to hear the crazy harmonics on Crazy Train.

the Lady said...

Also, you might want to check out I like it a lot, there are a bunch of stations, all free and no commercials

Sarah said...

Hola Katie..
All I want for christmas is something made by you O:)
keep in mind i have to ride my bike to school anything comfy/warm.
and the old man in your picture is SO CUTE.