Sunday, September 21, 2008

Racing Stripes

We had one jam-packed weekend. Yesterday was spent wandering {while wondering} around Boston eating, shopping, and enjoying the cool fall weather. The eating included a hearty lunch at Bouchee, a delicious French cafe that we stumbled upon on Newbury St. If you're looking for a recommendation, try the trout*

And I love the city for shots like this ~ an alley of fire escapes and beyond it just a glimpse of a church in the sun.

Today was spent in Portsmouth, NH, where C competed in the Portsmouth Criterium and won first place in his category! I love being a spectator at all of his races, it's fun to see all of the action and spend some time outside wandering {while wondering} around with my camera. Today the weather was beautiful, the races were exciting, and we got to visit a great New England town.

Here's a shot of him crossing the finish line::

The town was full of different shops, art, and cafes.

One of my professors gave a list of restaurants. Unfortunately we didn't hit up any of the recommendations, but we did stop into a cafe called Popovers for an afternoon coffee and - wait for it - popovers. The popovers were fantastic and inspired me to try making some very soon.

As I mentioned, I finished the van curtains. I covered the original curtains with a combination of two different batiked designs. We used the orange fabric for the inside of the van and the purple fabric for the outside.

I was running low on the orange fabric, so we added a racing stripe to the long curtain that covers one side of the van.{the curtains are wrinkled, but the stripe is really nice and straight!}

Between races and other fun, I started a few secret knitting projects ~ glimpses will come this week*


the Lady said...

Ok, call me easily amused, but I totally snorted at the popovers thing.

Anonymous said...

You wandered around, not wondered.
Tsk! Tsk! Mrs. Schwalm would throw a shoe!!!
Your Mom