Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Let me be the first to say ~

It's been a while! {actually, my mom was the first to remind me that she was waiting for a new post}

Since we last met, I was crazy busy studying for and taking my comprehensive exams for my PhD. The last phase of these exams took place this morning, and I am happy to re-introduce myself as a "PhD Candidate". What's the next stage, you ask? A whole lot of research and writing of my dissertation, but we'll take that one page at a time. With these exams behind me, my crafting time just got a lot more stress free.

And while I didn't pick up the camera much while studying, there is some photographic evidence of the coffee-drinking, studying fun::

And on the knitting front ~ when I last posted, I had started my first February Baby Sweater. I love this pattern! Although, I started to worry that my first sweater was a bit small. Since I wasn't fully in love with the color, I started a second, slightly large sweater in brown::
I'm excited to find some nice cream or pink buttons to compliment the brown.

I also modified EZ's directions slightly. She suggests, in her laissez faire manner, that when you get to the sleeves you should knit them flat, then continue with the rest of the sweater and finish by seaming up the sleeves. That's fine, but it's really so easy to just get rid of the sleeve seams altogether. I put the stitches for the sleeves on hold on a piece of yarn. I then cast on the additional stitches needed and continued on with the rest of the body::When I'm done with the body, I'll go back to the sleeves, pick up all of the stitches, and knit the sleeve in the round. No seams!

In other news, I was able to make amazing progress on my Drops Cardigan.
I just have to block it and add the buttons. Anyone familiar with the original pattern will notice that I made a few modifications. I'll give you the full details soon!

Ok, now back to relaxing... with many more posts to come


the Lady said...

Ooh, that Drops sweater is looking nice! I agree with the sleeve decision - in fact, I am surprised that EZ didn't suggest them in the round.

Nicole said...

UGH! Looks like you'll be helping me knit in the round during our Craft Extravaganza Weekend. I still prefer seaming over juggling DPNs but I think it is because I've had no help.

I'm so glad that you're finally over the Comp Hump. Now you can settle into your own research and actually enjoy attaining your degree! Congrats!