Friday, October 17, 2008

Autumn Street

I had dinner at a friends' house tonight, and as I pulled into their driveway I noticed that they live on Autumn St. "Autumn" isn't in their mailing address, but as visitors soon realize ~ that's just part of the charm of Boston and it's surrounding towns.

This week autumn really hit ~ our yard is covered in leaves, and I love it! So is the bike path ~ so much fun for biking and running through. And best of all ~ the temperatures have hovered around the mid 60s which has made for some really gorgeous and comfortable time spent outside. So while my address also doesn't mention Autumn, I definitely feel like I'm living on Autumn St.

And more knitting surprises. I'm really excited about this one!


the Lady said...

What beautiful photos!

jeff schu said...

it's great how your postings come full circle, i.e. - no 'autumn st.,' but the weather is making everyone's drive fall-ish.