Wednesday, October 08, 2008

my friends

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If I never hear those two words again, I will be the happiest US citizen there is.

IF I have to hear those two words for the next four years (impossible, I hope), then I may have to start packing. The first thing in my bag will be many cozy sweaters to keep me warm as I hide out with our friends to the north.

Until then, here's an updated shot of my camel sweater. The tan yarn is from a camel and the blue yarn is the softest wool/silk blend. This may not get much attention due to holiday knitting, but that's ok because I still have to think about how I'm going to knit the sleeve cuffs - any suggestions?

Have a great day my friends*

ps - I'm working from a cafe today, where I ordered a bagel with "almond butter". I've had almond butter many times, but today I wasn't thinking of it being ground almonds, instead I thought I was going to get some real butter infused with almond essence. It wasn't, but now I'm imagining how delicious real butter with almond flavoring would be. yum


Sarah said...

I kept flipping out about it last night..I think I was on my roomie's nerves..but I just cant stand his voice/face/being.

the Lady said...

Hm, I haven't been watching the telly, so I have to say it doesn't grate for me. Oh how greatful I am. You're not the only one who wants to pack up if "my friends" enter the Whitehouse - Sean's threatening to swim to Cuba. No sweaters there.

Anyhow, I'm very interested to see your progress on your camel sweater!

annie said...

He is not my friend...doesn't know he owns 7 his first big decision picks a beauty queen and ex cheerleader...thinks women appreciate a choice like that? not only the "my friend" but the change to that soft voice...was that supposed to be sexy or intimate or what? I'm headed to Brazil...
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