Saturday, September 05, 2009

Oh, look, a finished knit!

I thought I'd give you two for one, my blocked pinwheel and some final pictures of the new Oakland place {for those interested in that sort of thing}...

Check this out::It's the pinwheel back. And if you look to the right, do you see C sitting in the apartment? He's sitting in front of these windows that provide a lovely view of the Oakland skyline:: We've been enjoying the lights of the city at night.

Here's the sweater front::

And if I turn the camera around, I get this picture::

That's the inside courtyard of the building. The pool has become quite the gathering place for people in the building. Whenever the weather's nice, you can count on a few people hanging out by the pool.

And for the grand finale, I'm using a nail to close my pinwheel!::

I didn't make buttonholes because I was thinking I wanted something more interesting than a button, and when I saw this laying on a workbench, the sweater was complete!

A few more notes on the sweater::
~ it's super easy!
- I used Lion Brand fisherman wool, and the whole sweater cost $16!
~ I'll definitely use that yarn again, I'm even thinking of starting a new sweater with it soon... we'll see.
~ I also love the pinwheel pattern, it is super easy, and easily adjustable to any body size and any amount of extra comfy bulk that you desire. I leaned towards a smaller, fitter version, but I do see that most people like to make this a bit bigger for snuggling.


kristin said...

nice sweater-mine came with a short chop stick looking thing wrapped with the yarn at the end, I prefer to use a large safety pin. lookin' good

the Lady said...

Eeek, a nail! Don't fall on it!
Cool sweater. How fun to like the new apartment. I hope to be moving sometime soon as well.

mames said...

god, i love that sweater. i think it is next on my must knit list...and the lion's brand seems to be just perfect. hope your school year starts with wonderful things. maybe some time in this year's travels we will cross paths. :)