Monday, November 23, 2009

Back in Action

Sorry for the week+ hiatus there. While the blog was silent, my mind and body were scurrying around making lists & gifts, working, and preparing for a little trip west. So I'm back! Back to the blog and back in California for a week!

First order of the day, our Monday dose of music. I downloaded a new album right before I left and listened to this song for most of the flight. Unfortunately I couldn't get a video, so you have to click here to hear The Be Good Tanya's and their version of the Lakes of Pontchartrain. Enjoy*

Those lists and gifts I mentioned? It dawned on me last week that Christmas is coming faster everyday! So I decided that there's nothing a busy girl needs more than bigger, more extreme gift-making goals. I would love to talk about the projects here, but you know, with such a small readership, the majority of my readers are the recipients. But soon enough, all will be revealed {both the craft blunders, and there have been a few in the past week, and the successes}.

In the meantime, you'll get plenty of foliage pictures.


Nicole said...

missed you!
gobble. gobble.

the Lady said...

Hey, want to hang out? Tomorrow night people are meeting at Cafe Triest on Piedmont Avenue to knit, from 6.30-9.30, the Yarn Wranglers.